2016 Q3 DMI Growth Report

By Kaitlynn Drollinger

The summer months at DMI were bustling with change as we moved to accommodate our continuing advancement as a company.   At each conference DMI traveled to, there existed a common desire for assistance in navigating the complex and omnipresent obstacles insurance companies employ to withhold coverage.

Interest in DMI and our successes sparked great curiosity with families needing to integrate our services and expertise who had all but given up on relief from the financial burdens of placing a family member in treatment programs and Facilities.

In the Third Quarter of 2016, DMI saw the number of facilities we work with reach a staggering 130 facilities in 23 states across all the market regions nationwide.  These facilities are not only residential treatment centers, but facilities specializing in intensive outpatient and transitional treatment, and, of course, our beacon of achievement, wilderness programs.

Since the beginning of Mary Covington and DMI’s push to move wilderness into the realm of treatment options recognized by big insurance, we have meticulously tracked every small victory along the way, logging each claim for which we were able to obtain coverage.  These numbers paint a picture of monumental change and success.  This Quarter saw our cumulative total of insurance payment for wilderness claims reach a proud $2.6 Million. We also saw the number of appeals necessary for this type of treatment drop dramatically, indicating a significant shift in the perception of what is cover-able in the eyes of insurance; and DMI is both excited and proud about the part we have played in bringing this paradigm shift to fruition.

With the demand for our assistance ever-increasing, came the need to add to our family of skilled and talented staff.  The Third Quarter saw the addition of a second Appeals Coordinator, and additional Billing and Insurance Claims representatives. A Team Lead was also appointed to direct the newly formed Accounts Receivable Team, and additions were made to our lineup of Healthcare Advocates.

The heavy recruiting of new talent had the previously sufficient office space bursting at the seams.

In September, the construction of additional space was completed, which encompasses the entire south facing portion of second floor, completing the second build-out this year to allow DMI’s continuing growth.

DMI is headed into the final months of 2016 with great energy, staff, and enormous opportunity for growth.