What Would You Do If You Received a 80k Hospital Bill?


When it comes to the high cost of health care, insurance companies are only one piece of the frustrating puzzle. Hospitals can make mistakes in creating and coding your medical bill, and these mistakes can cost quite a bit of money for you and for the insurance company. Reviewing the itemized portion of your medical bill is the first step to take if you are trying to understand why a trip to the Emergency Room (or any other kind of service) was so expensive.

It’s not always easy to get medical billing help from the provider’s offices or from third party billing companies, so it is important to be your own medical bill advocate when you can.

A couple months ago, our CEO and Vice President had the opportunity to discuss the complexities of a high dollar medical claim, how to review your medical claim, and ways to advocate for yourself when it comes to the cost of your healthcare services. See the interview below:

Unaffordable Utah Man Questions-80k Hospital Bill