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Get updated on what Denials Management is doing to help our clients with their wrongfully denied insurance claims. The insurance and healthcare industries are ever changing and we are here to help keep you informed of those changes. Read up on our blog posts written by professionals in the industry on changes in policy, charity involvement, successful claim appeal services, and more.

Open Enrollment is Almost Over

By. Brittany Ricks   At DeniaIs Managment Inc., we are just as passionate about people having access to affordable health insurance, as we are holding insurance companies accountable to their policyholders and fighting to ensure that insurance companies are...

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What Would You Do If You Received a 80k Hospital Bill?

  When it comes to the high cost of health care, insurance companies are only one piece of the frustrating puzzle. Hospitals can make mistakes in creating and coding your medical bill, and these mistakes can cost quite a bit of money for you and for the insurance...

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DMI adopts a delivery route with Meals on Wheels.

By Kaitlynn Drollinger The early months of this year at our office felt undeniably nervy.  As the all-out effort to dismantle the Affordable Care Act went full steam ahead in the Senate, there was palpable fear amongst my colleagues. It was often unspoken, but it was...

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The Christmas Box House: The Beginning of a Tradition

By Kaitlynn Drollinger In late December, DMI staff initiated our first holiday charity drive, with the hopes of turning it into a yearly tradition. In our everyday quest to better the lives of our customers and their children, this was a great chance to broaden that...

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2016 Q3 DMI Growth Report

By Kaitlynn Drollinger The summer months at DMI were bustling with change as we moved to accommodate our continuing advancement as a company.   At each conference DMI traveled to, there existed a common desire for assistance in navigating the complex and omnipresent...

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