Denial Management Services and What That Means For You

Whether you’re already a customer of Denials Management, looking to become a customer, or simply just curious about the insurance denial process, we’re here to help. Did you know studies have found that up to 90% of denied claims are not appealed? With such a staggering statistic, our services are more necessary than ever before. We love helping our customers and strive to help whoever we can, however we can.

 Who Can Benefit From Our Denial Management Services?

Our mission at Denials Management is to provide assistance to those dealing with insurance denials. We believe insurance companies are obligated to the people who purchase their insurance policies. As an Advocacy Firm and a player in the insurance industry, our goal is to ensure that each and every American receives the coverage and benefits that they are due, from the insurance that they pay for. At Denials Management, we believe you shouldn’t have to fight your insurance company alone. Dealing with insurance denials can be stressful and emotionally draining, especially if you’re dealing with medical, behavioral health, or substance issues on top of it. We advocate for your family’s medical billing denials so you can spend less time worrying about your denied claim and more time focusing on what is important to you. So, how do we do this?

Our Services

We offer a variety of services depending on what kind of denial you or your family are dealing with. A few medical advocacy services we offer include:

  • Administrative Appeals
  • Attorney Coordination
  • Consulting
  • Insurance Claim Follow-Up
  • Insurance Policy Review
  • Medical Billing
  • Pre-Authorization & Utilization Management
  • Verification of Benefits

These services are applicable to different types of insurance, which include:

  • Dental
  • Life Insurance
  • Medical
  • Mental Health & Substance Abuse
  • Pharmacy
  • Supplemental Insurance

Our team is experienced in these areas and can help with a variety of claim denials. Unfortunately, far too many Americans are being denied the services they so desperately need. This is where our experienced advocates step in.

What Can Our Claim Denial Advocates Assist You With?

As we mentioned, approximately 90% of denied claims are not appealed. Why is this? Reasons for not appealing denied claims vary, but sources confirm that most people fail to appeal their denied claims due to the difficulty of wading through the lengthy and obstacle-laden appeals process. Luckily, we’re here to help. We have industry-leading knowledge of insurance claims and appeal procedures, and we have successfully helped thousands of families reclaim money that is rightfully owed to them by their insurance companies. As experienced claim denial advocates, we believe everyone should know their rights when it comes to their health insurance coverage. So, what types of claim denials can we help with?

  • Medical Necessity
  • Excluded Service(s)
  • Experimental/Unproven Procedures
  • Mental Health Parity
  • No Pre-Authorization
  • Out-of-Area
  • Reasonable & Customary 
  • Processing Errors
  • Custodial Care
  • Timely Filing
  • Coordination of Benefits
  • Provider Definition
  • Urgent & Emergent Care
  • COBRA 

On the flip side, we can also help file complaints for:

  • Timely filing
  • Coding problems
  • Additional information needed
  • Unprocessed claims
  • Processing error
  • Prompt payment error
  • Refund request

By serving such a broad range of claims, we are able to help more people and get our clients the compensation they deserve.

Let Us Fight For You

Our advocates are here to help if your family is dealing with a fight against addiction, a medical issue, or another type of treatment that is not being properly covered by your insurance. We advocate and fight for our clients. The passion the DMI team has is reflected in our mission statement:

Denials Management, Inc. is the nation’s premier Healthcare Advocacy Firm, delivering families and health care providers high-quality insurance billing, claims, and appeal services in the medical and mental health spheres. While maintaining a superior level of healthcare and insurance industry expertise, our knowledgeable staff strategically and tenaciously advocates for benefits and reimbursement owed to our clients. We strive to hold insurance companies accountable to state and federal laws by demanding compliance. It is our mission to influence the way insurance companies do business, one appeal at a time.

With a passionate team of experienced claim denial advocates, we are knowledgeable in how to successfully fight a denied claim. So, if you need our help, you might be wondering where to get started. It’s simple! Fill out our registration form and we’ll evaluate your case to see how we can help you. If it were not for our clients, we could not enact the change that we are seeing in the insurance industry. So long as insurance continues to deny covered and medically necessary services that millions of Americans are in need of, Denials Management will be here, fighting by your side. So, let us fight for you and join us as we change the world, one appeal at a time.