Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Denials Management is here to help!

We’ve listed out the most frequently asked questions about insurance claim denials and the appeal process. Each question has been answered by our expert claim representatives with as much detail as possible. If you can’t find an answer to your specific question, call us today and a representative will be happy to assist you!

How much will the process cost?

Every case is different but in our years of experience we’ve found that families need choices; so with that in mind we’ve created several pricing options:

  • Hourly Pricing
    • Hourly pricing works for some but not for others. This type of pricing allows the family to share in the duties and work required on a case. The work can be tailored and allows the family to delegate certain portions of the work needed to us. This type of arrangement requires good communication between the families and the DMI advocate.
  • Package Pricing
    • If you are the type of person who wants to eliminate unexpected charges and budget the cost of our services, this is the option you should choose. All needed work on your claim is handled based on a flat fee.  
  • Guidance Only  
    • This pricing option is the most economical. Families who are in financial crises or families who may have the skills to write their own appeals will truly benefit from this option. DMI guides you through the process step by step, allowing you to take advantage of our knowledge and expertise without affecting the outcome of your claim. Quite a money saver!

Contact us to learn more about all of our pricing options in greater detail.

Do you work on contingency?

Working on a contingency basis is not an option here at DMI. We feel our pricing options are competitive and favorable to our clients. If you have a claim denial and need it reviewed, our low-cost Initial Policy Evaluation fee of $350 is the best way to review your insurance needs. Give us a call!

What are my chances of receiving reimbursement?

There are a lot of variables that come into play when you attempt to determine the potential reimbursement of any claim: the type of claim, what stage you are at in the process (submission or denial), your policy information (fully insured, self-funded, etc.), coverage information (deductibles, coinsurance, etc.), exclusions, whether it’s a state or federally governed plan, and who the players in the game are (UR Co, Ins Co.). Laypeople are generally less knowledgeable about the intricacies and the ins and outs of how to fight a claim denial. The initial consultation with our advocates is crucial in ferreting out the specific issues surrounding your claims and how to pursue them. The fight is never easy, but claims get overturned every day. Just last year we overturned over 40,000 days for our clients. Unfortunately, no one has a crystal ball and we know we cannot win every claim. Hence, our team helps you develop the best administrative record to pursue your post-appeal claims with legal counsel.

What if I disagree with any aspect regarding the handling of my case?

Most families who are not insurance savvy depend on getting their information from various sources. Those sources usually include friends, colleagues, insurance agents, customer service representatives at the insurance company, or your spouse. Not everyone has the same opinion about how to pursue a claim. It is easy to get wrong information and be led astray. Before making any moves, all aspects of a case need to be weighed and considered.

If you feel at any time that our handling is not making sense or if you have concerns about our work product, we recommend speaking directly with a member of our Management Team. Please visit our Team Page for their direct extension or call us at (866) 322-0787 between 9am – 5pm MST. We strive to provide the highest quality and effective healthcare advocacy services available. Any complaints or grievances will be handled promptly by our Management Team and/or Executive Personnel.