A New Year, A New DMI!

A New Year, A New DMI!

Denials Management Welcomes you to 2019.

Here at Denials Management Inc., we strive to be the best advocates possible for your insurance/healthcare needs.
That means remembering everything that has happened over the years. What better way to remember our past than with a video of who we are and why we help people?

Since the filming of this video, we have grown and improved our processes and tactics. Just like the insurance companies, what worked a year ago, a month ago, or even a week ago may not work today. We have to evolve just as fast, or sometimes faster than, our industry dictates. That doesn’t mean we forget what has happened, it means we understand the past and try to apply it to the current problem.

Before we can move forward sometimes it’s important to look back. We’d like to welcome the new year with a video from 2016. This video shows the spirit, vision, and passion behind what make Denials Management Inc. the best in everything we do.