Employee of the Quarter: 2018 Q3

Here at DMI, we recently rolled out an employee of the Quarter program! We are so glad to give our team the chance to vote for one person each quarter who embodies our Mission and Core Values.

Candice joined our Healthcare Advocacy team after a long tenure with Franklin Covey. She excelled in her position,and was an empathetic and knowledgeable advocate for the families placed in her charge. She was promoted to manager of the Healthcare Advocate department in 2017, and now trains and assists her team members to tenaciously fight for families that are struggling with health insurance issues.

Outside of the office, Candice is a wife and mother to three boys. She loves camping, the Philadelphia Eagles, and rocking it at our annual Halloween Costume and Office Decorating contests!

We are so thankful that Candice decided to be a part of the DMI Team, and she was so deserving of our very first Employee of the Quarter Award.

Headshot of Candice EldardHow long have you been at DMI?

I have been with DMI for 3 1/2 years. It feels like I have been here longer due to the growth and tight nit teams we have!

What is your favorite memory from working at DMI?

It is hard to pinpoint one memory. I have had so many connections with families that were so meaningful. There is one that keeps coming to mind though. I was helping a family with their appeal process which was quite sever and complicated. We were not getting anywhere with the insurance company due to them not processing the member appeals correctly and continually making mistakes. This dragged on for quite some time. We did not give up though! We ended up getting the employer involved which was almost as difficult as dealing with the insurance due to the complications and them not quite understanding what the issues were. There were a lot of tearful phone conversations with the family and we just couldn’t give up. Their family and child had already been through so much, I wanted to do everything I could to hold the insurance accountable. After some long phone conversations, emails and persistent

follow up we ended up getting a full overturn for this family! I was so ecstatic that we were able to get a favorable outcome for them. It made it so their child could continue to get the help needed! I have quite a few memories like this and those are my favorite!

How have you grown as a person from your work at DMI?

Wow, this one is tough. The reason it is tough is because I have grown so much over the past 3 1/2 years it amazes me. The opportunities I have had at DMI have been a true blessing. Not only within my career but I have become a better person. I have always had a passion to fight for what is right and help support others. When I first came to DMI, I was nervous because there were so many new things to think about and learn. Talking to families and being the person that they trust with some of their darkest family moments has been humbling. The saying- “You can do hard things” is real and I am honored to be one small part of helping someone else do hard things. We are all doing hard things and may not realize that we are all a small part in helping someone else. I feel that the work I do is so crucial in helping our kids and future. We all do everything we can and I cherish the connections I have made with families and with my coworkers. I have the privilege of managing our Healthcare Advocate department. Specifically, this group has helped me grow as a manager and challenges me to always do better. We inspire each other to reach goals and help families in ways that rise the bar for the next.

What would you want to tell someone who is thinking about applying to work at DMI?

First, I would tell them that the work we do is not easy and can be stressful. Dealing with insurance companies never is! However, this is by far the most fulfilling career I have had. The work we do is so important and it feels so good to be able to talk to families and help them understand that they do have rights and we are here to help hold the insurance companies accountable. While the content of the work we do is stressful, it is amazing the amount of support everyone gives each other within DMI. My coworkers inspire me daily and I love the passion that everyone has, it truly shines through everyone. We really are family here and I feel blessed to have such wonderful people in my life who truly care.

What would you want to tell a family who is thinking about working with DMI?

Again, this is not easy. However, we all take pride in working diligently and tirelessly at holding the insurance companies accountable. We see the bigger picture and want more recognition for mental health within the industry. The families and their children have already gone through so much, it should not be a battle to get coverage when it is clearly there. We truly are the experts when it comes to fighting the insurance with arguments that have “teeth”. We are always trying to keep a couple steps ahead of them. We all work closely together and are discussing new ways to argue and find new ways to prove violations. You would truly have a whole team on your side fighting for you. We are experts that pride ourselves in doing ethical and fact proven work. We are on your side and are here to fight!




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