The Christmas Box House: The Beginning of a Tradition

By Kaitlynn Drollinger

In late December, DMI staff initiated our first holiday charity drive, with the hopes of turning it into a yearly tradition. In our everyday quest to better the lives of our customers and their children, this was a great chance to broaden that quest. Expanding our reach past the boundaries of insurance, it was truly amazing to team up with The Christmas Box House, a local charity whose work is nothing short of inspiring.

The Christmas Box Houses, located in South Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Moab, Utah serve as emergency residential shelter for newborns to 11-year-old children, many of whom reside in state-custody following allegations of abuse or neglect. The Christmas Box House not only provides these children with essentials like clothing and basic hygiene items, but ensures the children receive medical and dental care, and access to recreational activities and fun, which, in this uncertain time in their young lives, can be more important than anything else.

The mission of the Christmas Box International is inspired by The Christmas Box, a book whose spirit and message symbolize the beauty and importance of love for children.  The Christmas Box International was founded in 1996 by New York Times best-selling author, Richard Paul Evans with the motto that “every child deserves a childhood.”

Each year the Christmas Box International programs serve approximately 1,300 children and youth through The Christmas Box Houses. Another 6,200 children, teens and young adults receive services and resources annually from The Christmas Box International programs including Christmas Box Room resource centers, the holiday giving Project Elf, their international partnerships and their newest program, the JourneyUP Mentor Project serving young adults who are at risk of homelessness.

The children who live at The Christmas box house exist in a distinct present yet look toward a questionable future as they await placement in foster care, adoption, or with family members. The resources required to provide a comfortable, temporary home to as many as 6200 children throughout the year, are vast. And we wanted to help. A call for donations was rolled out to our staff, who swiftly responded.

In a relatively short amount of time, our office was able to contribute funds and goods totaling a value of approx. $3500.00, thanks to the owner of the company pledging to match what was raised by the staff.  On our final business day before closing for the holiday break, piles of bedding, clothing, toys, art supplies, and even car seats were carted from the office to the parking lot to be loaded up for delivery.

Our mission as a company is to help those around us, and whether it is battling insurance companies to get claims paid or providing shelter for at risk children, we take our responsibility seriously.