Advocating for Your Family’s Medical Billing Denials

Making your family financially whole again

Medical, behavioral health, or substance abuse issues can create emotionally challenging and financially stressful times for families. Navigating the obstacles and red tape associated with an insurance denial can be extremely difficult. Our experienced team of healthcare advocates want you to know that you do not have to fight your insurance company alone; Denials Management can help! We offer a variety of claims and appeals support services to assist in resolving the specific insurance problems you are facing.


Our Team is Experienced in Medical Billing Denials

Denials Management acts as an advocate for your family, helping you pursue the reimbursement necessary to cover your treatment costs from the insurance company. Since 1990, we have been helping families who have had a claim denied for medical necessity gain just compensation. The world of health insurance is ever changing and having a knowledgeable advocate in your corner, who is trained in insurance regulations and processes, can be most beneficial. Our main goal as your advocate for is to remove the burden of fighting medical and insurance denied claims and help make your family financially whole again. If your medical insurance has denied a claim or you can’t seem to get the information you need from your insurance company, register today and let us advocate for you!

What’s Next If Your Claim is Denied for Medical Necessity?

Whether your family is dealing with a medical issue, a fight against addiction, or another type of treatment, our advocates can help. Our team of experts will build a case against your insurance company in an attempt to overturn an adverse benefit decision. While we aim to resolve a denied claim before involving an attorney, sometimes litigation is necessary. We have relationships with many ERISA attorneys around the country. Insurance appeals are the start of a strong administrative appeal record that can be used as evidence in litigation, if necessary.

Below are some of the medical advocacy services we offer and the insurance types we handle on a daily basis:

Our Services

Insurance Policy Review

Filing Complaints

Verification of Benefits

Pre-Authorization & Utilization Management

Medical Billing

Insurance Claim Denials

Administrative Appeals


Attorney Coordination

Insurance Types


Mental Health & Substance Abuse



Supplemental Insurance

Life Insurance

Know Your Rights

People are often unaware of the rights they hold in regards to their health insurance coverage. While this information isn’t always readily available, insurance companies are large corporations and can be intimidating to question; as a result of this, it puts people off from researching their rights further or fighting a claim decision that they believe is unfair. It’s important to remember you have rights if your medical insurance has denied a claim. You have the right to:

  • Obtain a full, fair and thorough review of your appeal.
  • Collect copies of all documentation related to the denial of your claims.
  • Receive copies of your insurance plan documents.
  • Obtain expert claim representation and assistance throughout all levels of the administrative appeal process.
  • File insurance department and employer complaints on claims and appeals that are stalled.
  • Request independent medical reviews for several denial reasons, after internal appeals are exhausted.

Help With Claims Denied For:

Medical Necessity

Excluded Service(s)

Experimental/ Unproven Procedures

Mental Health Parity

No Pre-Authorization


Reasonable & Customary

Processing Errors

Custodial Care

Timely Filing

Coordination of Benefits

Provider Definition

Urgent & Emergent Care


Help Filing Complaints For:

Timely filing

Coding problems

Additional information needed

Unprocessed claims

Processing error

Prompt payment error

Refund request