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Solutions for Medical and Behavioral Health Providers

Our experts work hard on your behalf so you can focus on helping families and treating patients.

As a healthcare provider, your time should be spent restoring your patient’s health, not handling disputes with health insurance companies on denied claims. Denials Management, Inc. is the most experienced health insurance advocacy firm in the nation. Our mission is to partner with providers for pre-authorizations, third-party medical billing, claims follow-up, and to assist with appeals for any denied insurance claims so that your office and your patients can receive the compensation they deserve

We offer a number of different services for claims and denial management for healthcare providers. These services include:

  • Pre-authorization and Utilization Management
  • Peer-to-Peer Reviews
  • Third-party Medical Billing
  • Verification of Benefits
  • Insurance Policy Reviews
  • Medical Claim Submission
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Insurance Claim Follow-Up
  • Administrative and Expedited Appeals
  • Licensure and provider contracting issues
    • Denials Management Ins. is HIPAA and OIG complaint.

Please contact our office for details on our payment and rate structures.

Third-Party Medical Billing, Claims, and Denial Management Services

Billing and Claims

As your third-party medical billing partner, we strive to remove the insurance burden from your shoulders, so you can focus on treating patients and managing your business. We utilize dynamic revenue cycle management software and couple it with our decades of experience in medical billing, claims, and denial management. Your facility will begin to see a decrease in denied claims, an increase in authorizations, and more claim denials being overturned on appeal. It is our goal to improve your revenue and claim outcomes, along with minimizing the frustration caused by insurance.

Pre-Authorization and Utilization Management

Denials Management’s pre-authorization and utilization review services are conducted by our team of licensed clinicians who are well-versed in policy requirements, medical necessity denials, and effective communication with Insurance Care Managers. Our clinicians work closely with mental health and substance abuse facility teams to set them up for success during the utilization review process. Facility clinicians are trained by our team on topics such as medical necessity denials, how medical necessity criteria differ for multiple levels of care, the complexities of the utilization review processes, and how to create effective clinical documentation.

Experienced Health Insurance Advocates

Denials Management is the nation’s premier healthcare and medical billing advocacy company. With over 40 years of experience as health insurance advocates, our team is well-versed in insurance regulation, the laws that govern health insurance policies, and the strategy needed for insurance claim denial management within the healthcare industry. We use all our available resources to strategically advocate for benefits and reimbursement rightfully owed to providers. It is our highest priority to operate ethically and never jeopardize a provider’s reputation in any way.

If your patients are experiencing issues with denied health insurance claims, such as medical necessity denials, or if your office is struggling to recoup funds for medical bills or obtaining pre-authorizations, contact us today and let us help you fight to recover insurance funds!.

We have several different pricing structures to fit your specific needs, such as hourly and contingency-based pricing options. Call one of our Provider Relations Experts today to learn more!

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